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Atlas Pharma is located in Stockholm, our offices are situated in the hub of Sweden’s pharmaceutical and biotech development region.

At Atlas Pharma our main focus is on the treatment of hormone deficiency, osteoporosis and anti-aging. Our product line consist of only the finest and highest quality anabolic steroids , recombinant human growth hormone ( r HGH ) and HGH releasing peptides.

Our HGH and peptides are made using the latest recombinant dna technology and our anabolic steroids are quality check to assure our products are of the highest standards.
We here at Atlas are committed to offering the highest quality products to treat diseases, enhance health , body and mind and improve the quality of life for people around the world. Improving the lives of people is at the center of everything we do.

Atlas Pharma enjoys being a member in the pharmaceutical industry, but we remain ever mindful of our commitment to serve people by striving toward better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine. The spirit of our commitment drives us to look for further advancements in our products.

Our commitment at Atlas Pharma is made possible because we are a different kind of pharmaceutical company. This is apparent not only in what we do, but how we do it.


Steven Ayokee

Owner/Head Coach

12 Years ago I lost 80lbs with the help of a personal coach and it completely changed my way of life. Since then, it’s been my mission to sway other people to do CrossFit.

Julie Collins


I initially took on CrossFit trainings after a spending a lifetime in professional athletics. The fact that I loved sports so much contributed a lot to my decision.

Dominic Snyder


Growing up, I’ve always been involved in sports, fitness and athleticism in general. It got a whole new meaning for me as in 2007 I had an injury will serving in Iraq.

Virgil Cook


Virgil has been training amateur and professional combat athletes since 1995. His skill-set expands to the following combat styles: MMA fighting, Brazilian…



CrossFit Studio


We are a Community!

We value teamwork and mutual assistance above everything else! While our coaches will be gladly helping your fitness growth at individual classes, you’ll also always find a fellowmen support, as our group training is limited to just 10 people…

That is very different to big chain gyms with classes of tens… Our comradeship vibe is what makes training with us even more efficient!




CrossFit Studio


Our facility offers an extensive place for your CrossFit and fitness practice. Across our 20,000 sq/ft gym space you’ll surely have more than enough room for maneuvering!

Also, our downtown location is what makes us so appealing to so many people… Spacious area of that scale is more than enough both for group training as well as for the individual ones.

Working on misc functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, and running) has never been so easy and comfortable!




We take our attendees needs closely. Our gym is fully equipped with top notch tools and gears only, such as:

  • Bumper plates
  • Kettlebells
  • Med Balls
  • Squat stands, racks and rings
  • Pull-up rigs
  • Weightlifting bars and weights
  • Weightlifting platforms and rubber flooring
  • Countless accessories


ironmass CrossFit Studio had me at a first fitness workout. It’s a truly inspiring team of fitness professionals. They are able to spread the love for what they teach to everyone. Their abilities & enthusiasm are just overwhelming!